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The Great Cat

January 26, 2009

She slinks through the jungle stalking her prey.  She is a hunter, quietly waiting for the time to pounce.  Her prey, the Gordzilla is unsuspecting.   The Gordzilla is focused on getting her treat, or rather stealing the treat belonging to her daugher.  The herd of Gordzilla’s stand grazing in the clearing.  The shelter of the jungle protects the Great Cat so she can get as close as possible. 

Then, the Great Cat streaks out from her protection, a flash of orange, she rushes to the Gordzilla, in the last second she goes up on her rear legs, front legs reaching out she pounces and grabs onto the leg of the Gordzilla.  One Great Cat is not enough to bring down a Gordzilla so she rushes to the protection of the jungle to set up another attack.  Persistence will bring down the Gordzilla, she is sure of that. 

Back in the jungle she prepares for her next strike. 

The Gordzilla is unfazed by the attack.  The Gordzilla is not the natural prey of the Great Cat, they are too big, this Great Cat apparently has delusions of granduer she thinks.  She again focuses on what her daughter is guarding.  This is what the Great Cat was waiting for, with the Gordzilla again distracted she strikes.  The flash of orange streaks out from the jungle into the clearing and she wraps her paws around the leg of the Gordzilla.  Realizing the Gordzilla isn’t tired enough to bring down yet, she lets go and like a flash she is back in the jungle.

The Great Cat decides to let the Gordzilla live, maybe Gordzilla’s are too big for one Great Cat to bring down.  Those Gordzillas are very furry though, she thinks, so she jumps onto the rock where one is preparing to bed down.  The night promises to be cold she she stealthily creeps across the rock and curls up next to the Gordzilla and falls asleep.


The part of The Great Cat was played by Indy the 5 month old Maine Coon

The part of the Gordzilla was played by Me Me the Gordon Setter

The part of the Gordzilla’s Daughter was played by Habit the Gordon Setter, daughter of Me Me

Indi, the Great Cat Hunter

Indi, the Great Cat Hunter