Bathing the cat

I just got done bathing the cat and blowing her out for her show tomorrow.  I tell ya, bathing a show cat is a process!  Not at all like my Gordons.  Bought some stuff to use on her at the last show, do you think I can find it?  NO!  So I used what I used the first time.  Here’s the deal, first you put a degreaser on behind ears and on pants.  Then you rinse.  Next is Dawn Dishsoap, and rinse, rinse rinse.  After that you use a clarifying shampoo and rinse for at least 5 minutes to get the soap out.  If you don’t get the soap out, the coat will clump and that is a no no!  I didn’t do too bad the first time.  But made sure I really rinsed her tonight.  I think she looks pretty good.  We’ll see what the breeder says.


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