Saddened on this day

As I sit here watching the inaugeration.  More specifically, watching George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush leave the White House and get on the helicopter and leave Washington DC, I am thinking not of our country, but of a litter of puppies who were born 8 years ago.  Who took names representing the 2000 Election.  That was a very special litter of puppies.
BIS CH Brentwood’s Dimpled Chad – Chad
MACH CH Brentwood’s Commander In Chief – George W
CH Brentwood’s Second In Command – Cheney
CH Brentwood’s Recount RN JH NA NAJ – Tally
Brentwood’s Butterfly Ballot – Gypsy
I owned one of those puppies, my Tally. 
 And as I sit here 8 years later it hits me again, a punch to the stomache, that 3 of those puppies are gone.
My Tally left me two years ago of unkown causes a few months before her 7th birthday.  How can 3 puppies possibly be gone before the age of 7 1/2?  I guess the good news is that none of those beautiful Gordons died from the same causes.  Or is that good news?  As a breeder, I just don’t have the answers.  Tally is the foundation for all that I have here, I sit here and pray that whatever she died of was not hereditary.
Its been a tough year here for me, Had two litters of puppies, Tally’s Grandkids, in the first litter we had 9, only two lived.  In the second litter we lost the sole puppy.  So, again, as I sit here watching the inaugeration I listen to President Obama say we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off.  That is all I can do…..

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