Fast Food Restuarants – where idiots work?

March 22, 2009

I mean really, what is it with people that work at fast food joints?  Do they not speak english?  Do they not understand english?  Do they not have any common sense? 

First of all, if I am at a drive through, where do you think I’m going to eat that meal?  Probably 90% of the time it will be IN THE CAR!  Therefore, napkins are a must!  As are straws if I have ordered a drink.  Why would you think that I could drink my soda while driving without a straw?  And why would you give me my drink sans straw.  Then make me pull up because my order is not done yet, sans straw? 

And back to napkins?  If I order a Whopper, I am going to need a nakpin!  If I order a chili dog, NAPKIN!  I’m in the car, I don’t have a pantry in the car where I can just go get a napkin.  I’m IN THE CAR!

And when I order, why can’t they give me my order correctly?  The other day I asked for a single with swiss cheese, ketchup and mustard only.  She repeated that I ordered a single with cheese.  I said, you have that as swiss cheese right?  Yes she says.  Swiss cheese.

Well, its a damn good thing I checked my order before I pulled away.  I had a single with american cheese.  Now, do they think I’m stupid?  Do they think that I will mistake american cheese for swiss cheese?  I guess they think that I won’t notice until I am pulled out of the parking lot and won’t do anything about it.  Oh honey, yes you can bet I will do something about it.  If I order a burger with swiss, you had dam well better give me a burger with swiss!  I’ve worked at a fast food restaurant before, its not that hard to get orders correct!  Oh, but I forgot, these days only idiots can work at fast food restaurants!

I got the dirtiest look when I stayed at the window for someone to notice I was still there, then gave them the sandwich back and asked for the right one.  I so wanted to ask her why I didn’t get swiss when I specifically asked her if she had heard me correctly.  And she repeated it back to me correctly.  I was worried I might get something nasty on my sandwich… I kept her tongue lashing for another day.

Wrong orders happen more often than not these days.  What really kills me is when I get a wrong order and I”m the only one in the drive thru!  Now really!  IDIOTS I tell you!

And change!  When they hand you your change back, they put the bills in your had first, then the change on top!  Half the time the change gets spilled in the car as I try to put the money back in my purse.  Please, place the change in my palm, then give me the bills!  Thank goodness the registers these days tell you how much change to give back.  I sure don’t know what would happen if they had to figure that out on their own. 

 Here, let me help you, count it up.  If my total is $4.49 and I give you a $20.  Start with $4.49, give me a penny and that’s $4.50, then two quarters is $5.00, then a $5 and a $10 and that’s $20!  See how easy that was?  You don’t have to subtract a thing!

So, beware when you go through a drive thru!  Its where idiots work!

The Great Cat

January 26, 2009

She slinks through the jungle stalking her prey.  She is a hunter, quietly waiting for the time to pounce.  Her prey, the Gordzilla is unsuspecting.   The Gordzilla is focused on getting her treat, or rather stealing the treat belonging to her daugher.  The herd of Gordzilla’s stand grazing in the clearing.  The shelter of the jungle protects the Great Cat so she can get as close as possible. 

Then, the Great Cat streaks out from her protection, a flash of orange, she rushes to the Gordzilla, in the last second she goes up on her rear legs, front legs reaching out she pounces and grabs onto the leg of the Gordzilla.  One Great Cat is not enough to bring down a Gordzilla so she rushes to the protection of the jungle to set up another attack.  Persistence will bring down the Gordzilla, she is sure of that. 

Back in the jungle she prepares for her next strike. 

The Gordzilla is unfazed by the attack.  The Gordzilla is not the natural prey of the Great Cat, they are too big, this Great Cat apparently has delusions of granduer she thinks.  She again focuses on what her daughter is guarding.  This is what the Great Cat was waiting for, with the Gordzilla again distracted she strikes.  The flash of orange streaks out from the jungle into the clearing and she wraps her paws around the leg of the Gordzilla.  Realizing the Gordzilla isn’t tired enough to bring down yet, she lets go and like a flash she is back in the jungle.

The Great Cat decides to let the Gordzilla live, maybe Gordzilla’s are too big for one Great Cat to bring down.  Those Gordzillas are very furry though, she thinks, so she jumps onto the rock where one is preparing to bed down.  The night promises to be cold she she stealthily creeps across the rock and curls up next to the Gordzilla and falls asleep.


The part of The Great Cat was played by Indy the 5 month old Maine Coon

The part of the Gordzilla was played by Me Me the Gordon Setter

The part of the Gordzilla’s Daughter was played by Habit the Gordon Setter, daughter of Me Me

Indi, the Great Cat Hunter

Indi, the Great Cat Hunter

Bathing the cat

January 24, 2009

I just got done bathing the cat and blowing her out for her show tomorrow.  I tell ya, bathing a show cat is a process!  Not at all like my Gordons.  Bought some stuff to use on her at the last show, do you think I can find it?  NO!  So I used what I used the first time.  Here’s the deal, first you put a degreaser on behind ears and on pants.  Then you rinse.  Next is Dawn Dishsoap, and rinse, rinse rinse.  After that you use a clarifying shampoo and rinse for at least 5 minutes to get the soap out.  If you don’t get the soap out, the coat will clump and that is a no no!  I didn’t do too bad the first time.  But made sure I really rinsed her tonight.  I think she looks pretty good.  We’ll see what the breeder says.

Saddened on this day

January 20, 2009
As I sit here watching the inaugeration.  More specifically, watching George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush leave the White House and get on the helicopter and leave Washington DC, I am thinking not of our country, but of a litter of puppies who were born 8 years ago.  Who took names representing the 2000 Election.  That was a very special litter of puppies.
BIS CH Brentwood’s Dimpled Chad – Chad
MACH CH Brentwood’s Commander In Chief – George W
CH Brentwood’s Second In Command – Cheney
CH Brentwood’s Recount RN JH NA NAJ – Tally
Brentwood’s Butterfly Ballot – Gypsy
I owned one of those puppies, my Tally. 
 And as I sit here 8 years later it hits me again, a punch to the stomache, that 3 of those puppies are gone.
My Tally left me two years ago of unkown causes a few months before her 7th birthday.  How can 3 puppies possibly be gone before the age of 7 1/2?  I guess the good news is that none of those beautiful Gordons died from the same causes.  Or is that good news?  As a breeder, I just don’t have the answers.  Tally is the foundation for all that I have here, I sit here and pray that whatever she died of was not hereditary.
Its been a tough year here for me, Had two litters of puppies, Tally’s Grandkids, in the first litter we had 9, only two lived.  In the second litter we lost the sole puppy.  So, again, as I sit here watching the inaugeration I listen to President Obama say we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off.  That is all I can do…..